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The few seconds it took Sandy and Jazz to gauge the photo felt like forever. Jordan had already made his comment on the photo and now he felt extraneous, with nothing more to add to the conversation at hand. He didn't want to stare at the picture too long either, feeling like it was rude. He himself knew how if felt to have others see your work, even if it wasn't bad. Especially if it wasn't bad.

Sandy didn't seem too happy with Jazz's off-hand comment about his camera, but Jordan wasn't keen to take a side. Jordan didn't know much about cameras beyond the one on his phone and had only noticed it was new since it looked different from his previous camera, after all. It certainly didn't look superficially fancy like a DSLR though, so he could kind of see where Jazz was coming from. But Sandy was the one who knew about cameras and photos, so Jordan was just going to take his word for it.

He looked back to the park bench for a second, the open page of his notebook flapping lightly in the wind. The sandwiches were still there too. He couldn't see his pencil either. Perhaps it had rolled off somewhere? If it wasn't for the fact it would be awkward for him to leave suddenly, he might have gone back to rectify that. And stuff the notebook in his bag, too.

"What?" Jordan suddenly realised that Jasmine was addressing him. "Yeah. It's real nice," he said, not quite sure whether he was supposed to be complimenting the photo or the camera. The camera, he decided. The picture was nice enough after all. The camera however was a bit of a mystery to him too.

"What kind of a camera is it? Doesn't look like the usual kind all the professionals seem to like."
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