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Johnny stared at her for a moment, then gave a wry chuckle. This whole situation was shitty, and he felt an ass, but at the same time it was nice.

He’d always thought he’d enjoyed not having anyone give a shit about him – nobody except Darren, at least. He’d thought having nobody to disappoint was an advantage, that it let him do whatever he wanted. Now there was someone who cared, and it was… nice? The girl was clearly miserable, and he shouldn’t be enjoying it, but there was just something so uplifting about knowing he actually mattered to someone.

He felt as light as a bird, and that was saying something, since they had hollow bones.

“He was a preacher, y’know?”

Raina didn’t respond, so he added “Jonathan Swift. Other Jonathan. My ma told me about him, cause we share a name and I guess she liked him. Or still likes him.”

This last part came out almost apologetically.


Johnny noticed Raina then, in a way he somehow hadn’t noticed her before. The sky was darker than her hair now, but in the fading sunlight it seemed almost to glow, and her weird, two-colour eyes sparkled with it. He found his eyes tracing her soft curves, and with some effort jerked them away. Christ, this was not the time.

Swallowing, he knelt before the telescope again, pressed his eye to the lens and looked up at the sky.

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