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There it was again, further evidence that unneeded pleasantries and courtesies didn't get one anywhere. His question seemed to have upset or rather annoyed Cristo, judging from his reaction. Either that or his friend was simply getting tired, but if he had to have guessed, he'd have said both.

Even though he still had the faint feeling that there was more to the story than Cristo let on, shrugging it off was undoubtedly the correct choice here. Speaking of choices, Maxim had to yet another one to make, namely whether or not he was going to address the subject head on, ask straight away. He was tempted to, very much so.

While thinking, his mind was momentarily distracted by the sight before him. His friend leaning down on both his hands, staring off into the distance, sunlight illuminating his face and body and a soft breeze blowing through his hair - it only confirmed what he had already been very certain about and shattered a single concern of his at the same time. No, he was definitely not attracted to this boy, in absolutely no way. Even with this current pose of his and all the environmental things going on, his thoughts on him remained very much the same. He was someone he liked spending time with, yes, someone he actually wanted to be around. And that was all.

Even so, the question burning in his mind felt like it was sprouted from more than just mere curiosity. He knew he had a reason for asking it, but he was not entirely clear on what exactly it was. Again, curiosity alone was possible, but unlikely. He did not care much for the relationships between other people, as long as they didn't concern him in any way. This was not the case here, he felt like he was involved and yet not involved at the same time. Maybe he would know once he had received an answer to it.

For now, all he knew was that he had been waiting to ask this question for quite some time and he was not afraid to, which was unusual. Confidence, especially in a situation such as this, it was not like him, not at all. It certainly wasn't the surrounding that did the trick, far too many people around for that, people that were possibly spying on him, watching him. The thought alone was enough to almost make him want to up and leave, but both his friend's presence and his own quest hindered him from doing so. In short, there was no reason for him to waste any more time, he'd just ask way.

Maxim didn't change his position, not at all. He kept sitting there, his legs bent with his arms wrapped around them, all while not taking his eyes off Cristo. "If you don't mind me asking: What do you think of Abby?"
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