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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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... Yep. That was certainly a picture, and that was certainly a camera.

Jasmine looked at the camera, then up at Sandy. Then back down at the camera. She was holding off saying anything because she just called Sandy's camera 'old-looking'. She meant '
vintage' or something. It was supposed to be kind of a compliment? And Jasmine wasn't sure whether Sandy was mad or confused. He could be either! So she stood there for a moment, eyes alternating between Sandy and his camera. Her hand nervously rubbed at the opposite arm. Her voice cracked.

"I mean, I d-dunno much about cameras," Jazz said, simply, "but it's not very shiny, and I thought new stuff's supposed to be either shiny or, like, neon I guess. So uhh - "

Jasmine was about to mention how she totally saw a disposable camera being sold in a corner store that looked like the one Sandy had. It was an expensive disposable camera but a disposable camera nonetheless. Sensing the twitch of Sandy's bushy brow, though, Jasmine had enough common sense to not say that? It caused her to stumble with her words, eyes darting between him and Jordan before finally landing on the latter.

"But it still looks nice, right Jordan?" Jasmine smiled as she pushed the burden onto the boy.
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