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Hey everyone!

Jordan and Jennifer- Agreed! I think that with their shared interests they could get along nicely. They're both smart, too! I think Jennifer would express concern in his falling grades in particular. They're also both bloggers, and Jennifer probably has reviewed a few movies on hers. Maybe they've influenced each other in some way?

Jordan and Junko- I think she'd just be "meh, whatever" at him. She wouldn't really have any opinions about him either way otherwise. They might know each other if Jordan's an Anime Club person, but other than that, she'd just shrug at any antagonism.

Jordan and Ems- I think she'd have relatively positive feelings about him. Like you said, they're both smart, cautious people. I don't see them being as close as say, him and Jennifer, but I do see Ems being fond of her.

Amanda and Junko- Pulling up what you said about them when I first asked:

Junko and Amanda are both a little flighty and are both outgoing and confident, with their shared interests, it's fairly possible that they'd be friends. However, Junko's attitude towards work is definitely something that Amanda would be very fond of and it could lead to some disagreement between them. Apart from that, íf they are good friends, I'd think that Amanda's natural curiosity would lead her to go along with most things Junko does, even if she may vocally object at the time.

Agreed, actually. Junko's a bit of a procrastinator because of how absentminded she is, so that could probs be something that'd disagree on. Otherwise, though, they'd get along nicely! I think Junko's feelings would be positive, thinking about it a bit more.

Mabes and Jennifer- I think Jennifer would find the survivalist aspect a little weird, in all honesty. However, she would also relate to the whole "change your appearance" thing since she went through a similar phase (though for different reasons). They're both also artsy people, and Jennifer has bought things from thrift shops. While her thing's more vintage clothing and other items instead of electronics, she would still enjoy the idea of it. The idea of using light as art would also appeal to her. They also both love hiking/urban exploration, which could be a thing they could bond over. So I think she'd have mixed feelings on her.

Mabes and Ems- They'd definitely relate to each other because of the prepper element, yeah! I think Ems would be in some ways supportive of Mabes' interest in survivalism, and Ems has wilderness survival skills as a result of camping with her family. However, despite her background, Ems is skeptical when it comes to stuff like conspiracy theories and general woo. She's probably used to it in some ways, but it still bugs her a bit. In particular, she tends to get annoyed when said theories involve pseudoscience (since she is a science-y person). If the topic of, say, drone attacks came up, she'd just raise her eyebrows a bit. However, she'd try to resist the urge to jump in with facts if it turns to things like vaccines or alternative medicine (if Mabes is the type). If Ems does speak up about it, she'd try her best to be polite, though.

Cris and Jennifer- I like the idea that she interviewed him or Rod, actually! This is especially so since they're both supposed to be superb at what they do, and I think something like state championships would probably be covered by the school newspaper in some way. As for Cris specifically, they do share similar interests in that they both have somewhat of an interest in hiking and urban exploration as well as older media. I'm not sure if they'd be too close, but I do see them connecting in some ways. Though, if Cris did try to hit on her, I think she'd react with a bit of skepticism. Jennifer's not again the idea of dating, casual sex, flirtation, or anything like that, but her first thought would be whether or not he's making a pass because he expects her to put out in some way. While not to the same extent as Feli (Program V2 character), there were a few... stories about her floating around for a while. While they've largely died down as of senior year, I think Cris making a move would- at least initially- kind of make her suspicious of his motives, even if he means nothing bad about it. There's also something I've been thinking about asking about the baseball team, but I'll probably ask it in the baseballer thread since I feel that's a better place.

Rod and Jennifer- Already gave my thoughts on the interview thing, so now here is everything else! Like Cris, hiking would probably be a thing to bond over. Same goes with the reading. I honestly can't think of much right now, though, so we should probably come back to it.

Jane and Jennifer- Some time ago, one of Jane's past handlers (Somersault) did ask me about them in this thread; they put their characters up for adoption before I could respond, though. I did like the idea they proposed, though. However, I feel that it should be up to your own interpretation in the end, since she's yours now. They do, overall, share similar interests in hiking and movies. Jennifer has also written some reviews of movies she's seen, as mentioned above.

Sorry anything here's a bit weirdly phrased or confusing; I've been feeling iffy the past few days, and it might show.

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