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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia listened as Rod mentioned the schools he was scouting. AU and Stanford were pretty big schools to go to. She knew his dad went to Stanford, although she knew he was hesitant to be too similar to his dad. Still, it was nice that Rod was thinking of distance for where he'd go to school.

"Well, I don't want to be all that holds you back from going to a specific school," Nadia said. "Stanford would be nice for the five hour distance, but if American has programs you are more interested in, go for it. I'm cool making long weekend trips to Stanford, and I hope you'd like to do the same if I get into UCLA. And if you choose American, I'd be willing to fly out and see you on holidays. I've never been to DC before, so I would make the effort."

Nadia stretched her back a bit before settling into her comfortable place.

"Honestly, a long distance relationship sounds daunting, but I've read about people whose relationships were entirely long distance before they got married. I'm not talking about mail order brides or prison relationships, but relationships done completely over email and the phone. I definitely think we should try as long as we remember to put the effort into it."

"I mean, I know you're not the kind of guy who would give up easily, so I won't be that kind of woman."
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