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"Hard to say. I mean, Stanford and AU have offered full rides, but I'm not sure who I want to pull the trigger for. It's a huge decision to make, you know?"

And one of them had the shadow of Vernon Kanuho looming over it. Roderick loved and respected his father, but he didn't want to spend his entire academic career as "Vernon Kanuho's son". Who would? Roderick was his own man, with his own dreams. His fingers still busy with her hair, he kept his gaze on the stars, letting the thoughtful silence remain for a moment.

"They're good schools, but I don't know if I like the idea of moving all the way to Washington DC, and even Stanford's five hours away from where you'd be."

He could drive it, and Skype and Facebook and phones and the like were still things, but it still bugged him. Was their relationship one that could survive suddenly being long distance?
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