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Now that was convenient. Maybe it was just karma, a way of higher powers to repay him for all the inconveniences on the day thus far. Of course, he didn't believe that for a second, didn't even consider it as a possibility. But it felt good to have things go his way for once.

On the one hand, he wouldn't have minded Georgia Lee being around all too much, at least not until he got to ask Cristo certain things. Which would have been rather soon, so this really was for the best. He would still have opportunity to speak to her again at a later date. Or maybe not. Both ways worked for him.

"Same." He nodded in Georgia's direction as she left, then immediately focused his attention back on Cristo. The latter had just asked him a question, but he was still very much inclined to ignore it, just for the moment. Something had clearly bothered his friend, and while Maxim usually certainly wasn't the caring type, at least not with others, he felt a faint sense of responsibility. He had to at least bring it up, be what they called a good friend, though he was hoping Cristo would have him drop the subject immediately after. He wasn't the type who was able to give his friend any helpful advice, wasn't even good at cheering people up. Still, he had to ask, at least.

"I have something on my mind, yes, but that can wait for a second. I just wanted to ask you first, are you feeling alright? I don't mean to come off as prying, but it seems to me that something was or is worrying you."
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