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Bart was a little surprised at first when Jennifer started asking about his animations. He didn't know that she was aware of that. However, he quickly realized that the reason she probably knew was because he had talked about his animations in the writing club before. He didn't think that anyone had actually remembered that, let alone care to bring it up in conversation. "Um... yeah. I'm worried that I might be running out of ideas, so I'm trying to come up with new ones."

While Bart was talking, he couldn't help but notice Jennifer's nose wrinkling with disgust. He didn't bother to hypothesize about the source, because he was quite positive that he knew the reason. The smell that followed him around was always the first thing that people noticed, provided they didn't draw attention to his weight first. Even when they weren't making jokes about it, he still noticed noticed that those traits were always the ones that caught people's attention. He let out a sigh before drawing attention to the elephant in the room.

"It's the smell, isn't it?"
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