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Jennifer still couldn’t get over the smell. Why couldn’t he shower, especially since he was going out to a public space? But she still shouldn’t bring it up. She didn’t know the story behind that. It was the sort of thing she was sure Bart wouldn’t like her asking, either. As much as it was odd that a fishy odor seemed to float around him, it was rude to ask him why he smelled so weird.

“Yes, I am too,” she said, looking back at the coyote.

She just remembered that he was a bit of an animator type, too. Cartooning? Yes, that was it. He was a bit nervous, but Jennifer could recall a detail like that. It would be interesting, seeing his interpretation of the coyote. There was only one cartoon coyote she could think of at the top of her head, after all. It was probably just a sketch, but still.

She fidgeted a bit, her nose still wrinkling a bit.

“Is the thing you’re having trouble with your… ah, animation?”, she asked.

Not eloquent, she had to admit.

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