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Nadia let out a small sigh. Rod asked why she'd feel like a failure, especially when she had the picture in Photo Vogue and was set to get out of Kingman. Nadia shrugged.

"I mean, I don't feel like a failure now," she explained. "It's too soon to feel like that. Especially before I even take a photography and film course or even start going around on go-sees. I just want to feel like it was all worth something, but...well..."

Nadia set the camera in her lap and then held her hands up to the sky.

"It's like...I believe I can do this. I think I can go to LA, break into the modeling industry, and make a name for myself as a model and photographer, or at least let that be a launching point to another career. But at the same time, I feel like I can't put too much hope into this. Like, I have to put a reasonable amount of faith and realism into these goals of mine, but if I tip too far into either direction, I'll fail. Either I'll fail because I couldn't grasp the seriousness of the business, or I take it too seriously that I lose all individuality and imagination. Both options seem frightening, so I feel like I can't get too swept away by this all. It's like I have to accept that I'll either succeed and live the dream, or fail and be left in a void where I'm not sure what's next."

Nadia lowered her arms and cleared her throat.

"I don't know, am I just babbling? Or does that make sense?"
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