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"Yes to the first, no to the second,", the girl replied, shrugging, "Just a little tired. You're from Cochise, right? I think I've seen you around there. You into this stuff?" The fact that Blue Hair had seen her around the school didn't so much surprise her. Lili herself was loosely aware of the people in school who looked like her, the few other Asians at Cochise, even though she hadn't seen the girl in front of her in particular before.

"I go to Cochise too, yeah. There isn't much of an audience for this stuff over there, but I love this sort of thing," Lili said, smiling. Whenever Lili got a chance to talk about the things she loved, she found it hard to stop. She would try her best she could to not scare away Blue Hair, but she didn't know how far that could go. "I've never been to a concert like this," Lili admitted, "but I've listened to all their music, and tons of music like it, too." As she spoke, she could see the girl loosen up a little. In her mind, Lili imagined that she was making a good first impression, that going over to talk to Blue Hair wasn't a big mistake, and that everything tonight would go smoothly.

"Not too familiar with them myself, to be honest," Blue Hair replied, "Avant-garde music's one of those things that I always wanted to be into, but never actually got around to. I'm just here to check things out, recharge a little. Y'know, get away from life for a little bit." Aha! So Blue Hair was a beginner, someone new that she could impress with all her knowledge. Lili felt the spark from the start of the night before she walked into the room return in full force. If Lili was honest with herself, she hadn't imagined getting this far in the first place with her. She assumed she'd be turned away, made to walk back to the barrier alone. Instead, the best case scenario was playing out before her very eyes.

"If it's an escape you want," Lili said, smiling, not noticing her own forwardness, "You've come to the right place for sure! There's no other music that sounds like this...not that I've heard, anyways. If you want, we can go up to the barrier and I can tell you about the band a bit?"

The room was starting to fill up with more people as showtime neared. If Lili wanted to go to the barrier with Blue Hair, she'd have to do it soon, or else she'd lose her spot for certain. She only hoped that Blue Hair would be as willing as she was to see the band perform. If things came down to it, Lili would push and shove to get to the front, to get a chance to see the band in person. Would Blue Hair do the same?

Lili realized then that she hadn't introduced herself. She had thrown herself in with an icebreaker, kept on talking about the band, and completely ignored the fact that the two didn't even know each other's names. Mentally, she imagined slapping herself in the face for her own easy mistake.

"Oh, I forgot!" She said, rubbing her right temple with her left hand in surprise, "I haven't even really introduced myself yet. I got so ahead of myself, with the band, and saying hi, and stuff, and, yeah, I forgot to say my name, ha ha. My name is Lili, I'm a freshman. What should I call you?"

Outside, it began to drizzle.
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