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There was a girl coming Asuka's way. Fuck. So much for not getting noticed. Asuka wasn't sure if she knew this girl, wasn't even sure if the girl was approaching her or just wandering her way randomly, but no worries. No need to panic. Asuka raised her hands, gave a pathetic excuse of a half-wave, then immediately adjusted her glasses. It'd be nice if the girl didn't notice, didn't interpret anything meaningful from the little twitch her wrist made as it made its way towards her face, but if this girl was dead set on meeting her she might as well say hi and be nice and stuff. She wouldn't be able to brush her off and ignore her all night, not without making the whole affair stressful and tense, and Asuka did. Not. Need. More. Stress. Or. Tension.

The girl stopped a few paces away. Well then.

Asuka took a deep breath, looked at the girl more closely. Bowl cut. Glasses. Asian. Asuka knew all the other Asian kids at Cochise by face, if not by name-- misplaced tribalism, Asuka knew, but she couldn't help it, couldn't stop her eyes roving around for other members of her tribe. Yeah, she's seen this girl. Didn't know much about her, though. Um. Freshman. Band geek. Apparently a pretty big fan of this group, seeing as she had their T-shirt even though they were both literally and symbolically obscure.

Asuka sighed. Ok. Fine. She could talk to this girl. Someone with weird, obscure taste in music couldn't be half bad to talk to, right? Right. Barring the now non-existent possibility of going the night without talking, this was going to be about as good as it gets when it comes to conversation. Someone in the know, and in the know for something that was actually kind of interesting, though if Asuka was being honest with herself, it probably wasn't quite interesting enough to make her actually better at not sucking at everything, at getting out of bed, at actually getting shit done, at actually giving a shit about the things she used to give a shit about.

Don't think about that now, Asuka. You can berate yourself later. For now, it'll just ruin whatever chance this evening has of actually cheering you up.

The girl started talking, all shy and awkward and uncertain. That was good. Asuka didn't like confidence, didn't like people who were so sure and assured about things. Bastards haven't realized that the only thing they know is that they know nothing, and all that.

Asuka shrugged. "Yes to the first, no to the second. Just a little tired. You're from Cochise, right? I think I've seen you around there. You into this stuff?"

She paused.

Yeah. This wasn't so bad. Banal question, followed by banal answer, leading back into banal question. And, with luck, it'll actually go somewhere interesting. Please please please go somewhere interesting. Asuka was dying to find something interesting.

"Not too familiar with them myself, to be honest. Avant-garde music's one of those things that I always wanted to be into, but never actually got around to. I'm just here to check things out, recharge a little. Y'know, get away from life for a little bit."

There. Door's open now.
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