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Now, that was not how it had been supposed to go. Yes, there were still other people beside himself and Cristo around, but did one of them really have to decide to seek his friend's company now, at this very moment that he was trying to talk to him in private? Well, at least the intruding person could have been someone far worse and he meant far worse. There were enough halfwits and unpleasant ignorant apes about in Cochise, but Georgia Lee was certainly not one of them.

He noticed Cristo patting the grass on the other side of him. A very clear invitation, one which he was sure he' take, albeit reluctantly. Reluctantly, because really, the fact that he couldn't be alone with his friend for now upset him, it simply wasn't fair. But he had to take whatever was offered to him. The other option was excusing himself and leaving the scene, but that wasn't going to happen, not this time. He had a right to be here and he'd take it, no matter how many others would show up, his place was here by Cristo's side now.

Maxim simply nodded, first at Cristo, then at Georgia Lee. To say he liked her would have been a slight overstatement. He did appreciate her, if anything. She represented a type of human he could actually see himself get along with, one that would welcome him all the same. But he lacked the energy to pursue any sort of ongoing friendly relationship with her and as such, simply remaining distantly acquainted was enough to content him.

"Hello." He looked at neither Cristo nor Georgia when he said this, instead keeping his eyes fixed on the ground before him as he sat down next to his friend. He hoped this would be sufficient to have them both feel addressed by it. Yes, it probably had been.

He shifted around on the ground for a bit. Yes, his jeans was most likely going to acquire a peculiar shade of green at the bottom, but what did he care? Appearance was just as trivial to him as - well, many things he didn't feel like listing at the moment. For now, all he had to do was retain a certain presence within the trio and if not assert his dominance regarding the right to speak to Cristo, at least try and steer the conversation towards a direction of his own choosing.

He turned his head sideways, looking at Cristo's face. "I saw you a bit earlier, thought I'd join you. You don't mind having a talk right now, do you?"
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