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An honest smile played across Cameron's face. It felt good to have things almost settle back to normality.

"Hell yeah. Tattoos than getting some inspiration. Sounds like an awesome fucking day to me."

Cameron picked her phone up and flipped through the music app until she found her playlists, scrolling down she located one called "Riffasaurus Rex". It was a favorite of hers and Vans, for good reason. She hit shuffle and let the magic happen. Tres Brujas by The Sword kicked in over the speakers in Vans Jeep. She took that as a good sign for the way things were going to go.

"Alright." She murmured to herself, her grin turning into a smile.

It felt good to have Vans back. Cameron couldn't wait for them to all get back together and practice. Sappy as it sounded she felt hope that all of their problems were slowly going to drift away.

It was nice to feel hope again.

((Cameron Herrig and Vanessa Stone continued elsewhere...))
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