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Vanessa also let out a long sigh. It was, in a way, cleansing.

If she wasn’t driving, she would’ve taken that moment to slump her head over and let out an almost playful groan. Cams’ spiel had managed to tug at her heartstrings, and if nothing else it helped to know that her BFF actually appreciated all the effort she put into things. She didn’t try to make Cams feel better when she was screwing herself up for shits and giggles, after all.

“It’s not like I haven’t been a bitch about this whole thing either.” she conceded, flashing Cams another attempt at a smile that came across just a little bit better. Avoiding her friend for two weeks wasn't going to fix anything, and she did acknowledge that. She still felt the wound from the knife in her back, but at least Cams had actually given a proper apology for it now, instead of just tripping up over her own words. The fact that she was still trying to placate her with more deals and offers was still kind of annoying, but at least Cams had put the ball in her court by acknowledging her own fault in the deal.

“It still wasn’t cool of you, but thanks for saying sorry. Coleen’s singing isn’t shit, I guess, but she’s still on probation.” She’d leant back into her seat now, taking on a pose that was just a bit more relaxed. She didn’t like conceding the deal with Cams, but she did want things to get back to normal between them and the band. Plus, there was still the hope that once she got out on stage, Coleen would freeze up like a piss stream in the North Pole.

For now, though, the fact that Cams had brought their favourite substance with her was making reconciling just that much more appealing.

“Tattoos, then we’re getting inspired as fuck later.”
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