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Danny didn't look up for a while. Emma seemed equally as non-enthusiastic about the jokes, so at least he wasn't alone in this. That would make him a buzzkill or a killjoy or something un-fun. But if the playing field was equal, then it was common sense. That's how it worked, right?

Jeremy didn't push the jokes, though. Awesome. Well, not awesome. Awesome was like… 'hey here's a free ice-cream' or 'hey, that pretty girl is into ballet and is cool with swapping numbers.' Someone agreeing not to make uncomfortable jokes was less awesome and more… uh, some other word. Okay? Acceptable? Yeah, that worked.

Danny looked through his fingers for a moment, before lowering his hands and trying to behave like he was completely unperturbed by events. Granted, he wasn't really looking directly at anyone, but no-one would notice if he just looked slightly above and to the right of anyone's face, right?

Yeah. He totally got this shit down.
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