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There were just times when stupid things had to be done.

For Lily, that was often known as 'quality time with Tina.' Sneaking off into the desert to smoke was not exactly the sort of thing Lily did on her own. But it was the sort of thing that would give her parents heart attacks if they knew about it, and that worked for Lily. Provided the heart attacks were metaphorical, obviously.

Lily heard the knock on her window, and paused for a moment just to check if there was movement being heard elsewhere in her house. Her father wasn't here, and her mother was somewhere on the compound. Visiting one of her brothers or sisters that lived in one of the surrounding houses. Made sneaking out a tiny bit riskier, in case she was looking out the window of wherever she was.

Worth it.

Lily pushed the window open and slid out. Almost gracefully, if not for her sweater getting caught on the way out. But a little tug and she was free. Pretending like she hadn't got stuck, she straightened her sweater and gave a little smile to Tina.

“Let's go, then.”
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