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Wait, hang on, she actually had a question from him! Normally when she said that to customers (really, she shouldn’t have taken so much to ask him that, that just showed her how annoying it was to be in love with him) they didn’t tend to need any help initially. Time usually went on to prove that that they did when they came back and asked whether Jasmine knew or could search up a certain author or book, but this was the first time in at the very least a long while that someone asked her for help immediately. That was nice, and the fact that it was Min-Jae made it all the more sweeter. She knew that even if in the situation that he liked her back that this didn’t mean anything but still, it felt good to know that the boy she liked relied on her for something. Oh, how this was going to be a story to tell Kizi about when she got home.

Well, she wasn’t going to mention Min-Jae by name, of course, but describing him to her as “the boy she liked” would easily work, and she was strong enough to resist Kizi’s prods after that.

The question that he had asked her was whether the bookshop had something from… an author whose name she wasn’t even going to try to pronounce. The name didn’t pop up with anything in her head, and given the author’s name, it was likely that she just didn’t know who she was rather than her just forgetting it, so she felt like she could forgive herself for that.

“I’m not sure, I’ll check.”

She felt awkward using the semi-formal cashier language, but as much as she didn’t want to she didn’t feel like it was proper to use it, considering how little he knew her.

Hopefully that would change sometime soon. She went to the computer besides her, opened up the search feature, and then…

It seemed like she was the one needing help this time, to her chagrin.

“Um… how do you spell that?”
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