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Cams Houdini was putting on yet another performance, much to Vanessa’s growing frustration.

Of course Cams didn’t want to talk about it: she never wanted to talk about it. She just wanted to sit around freaking out and kill herself over these things, whilst Vanessa was supposed to just sit back from a distance and patiently watch the whole fucking show unfold. She was always there to help her get away from the scene with a quick distraction, but actually getting to the heart of the matter and being there for Cams? How was she ever supposed to do that when Cams always shut her out?

So it was that whilst Cams stared out the window, Vanessa also sat in silence again, concern turning back to annoyance. When Cams broke the quiet with her follow-on question, Vanessa only needed a few moments to sum up her thoughts.

“What am I supposed to think? I haven’t heard any music, and the ‘concept’ part sounds fucking depressing. Why can’t we just do an album about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, and all that shit?”

Cams was making it really fucking difficult to stay cool about the whole thing. Vanessa hesitated before she spoke next, but not for long enough to censor herself.

“You don’t have to make life so fucking depressing, you know.”

It was harsh, but it needed to be said. Being Cam's BFF was downright exhausting at times.
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