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"I...I think we should just head home."

Right now, Rea wanted nothing more than to get out of the dark and cold. She just wanted to get to somewhere warm, and with light. Somewhere like her house. Or possibly Will's.

"That one. My car's that one over there." She pointed out a black Mercedes. "Keys are behind the front tire." Of course, having no pockets to speak of, she had to improvise on where she left the keys to the incredibly expensive car. One of the reasons she never wore dresses. Pockets were just too useful.

"So... did you want to drive?" Her voice was still shaky. She wasn't home just yet. Still had a few metres (or "yards", as they wanted to call them) between herself and the warm, heated car. But that thought gave her some relief. She was nearly out of the darkness.

"Come on. Let's just get into the car and go."
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