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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Few things are as unwise in nature as agitating an emotional Cassowary, especially when prey has already escaped it once. The task of evading the cassowary's wrath is already a considerable challenge, and any living creature could consider itself lucky to get away with its life after such an encounter. A wise creature, with its will to survive, thrive, and procreate another day in mind, would flee in the opposite direction as fast and far as its appendages can carry it.

The rare Pink-Spotted White Trash was not such a creature. It had left itself vulnerable; its flesh was still exposed from the brief attempt at mating, its guard lowered by evidence of its sullen chortle upon retreat. While the Cassowary rarely tolerated weakness, such a meager display could be forgiven with higher priorities in sight. The search for higher ground and the company of its flock held its attention. In most instances, the Pink-Spotted White Trash would have been free.

Its mistake came with defiantly chucking the Cassowary's discarded plumage into its face. That was an offense that could not be forgiven.


The bra caught Caedyn in the forehead. She wasn't paying enough attention to catch it. For a couple moments, she just stood there blinking in shock. Then her faced turned into a scowl. She caught his sight line and clenched her hands together into tight fists. "God, you're a fucking child!" How dare he? How dare he? Where did he get the balls to pout and sulk like he was the victim here? Typical. Just...typical. Everybody acting like a bunch of whiny little brats and blaming her for their stupid hurt feelings. She should have been used to it, but this? This was a new low, on so many levels.

God this was fucked up. So fucked up. How did she let herself get here? Nobody had ever suffered more than her in this moment. The only positive side of this is that it'd make a great story for her followers later. Fucking men, right? She was done with this bullshit for awhile. Like, at least a week.

Caedyn reached down and picked up her bra, stuffing it angrily in her bag without taking her eyes off of him. "I bet you're cheating on this Jason guy, and I hope he catches you. Just..." She let out an exasperated huff. "If you're so guilty you can't even admit to it despite having a fucking disgusting tattoo with his name on it, don't cheat. Duh. Sort your shit out." Her gaze stayed on him for a few more seconds, before her body relaxed into a resigned slouch. "Fucking baldheads," she muttered as she slung her bag over her shoulder, and turned to leave.
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