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The kite lay on the ground, looking somewhat half dead, its coloured frame twitching lightly along with the wind. The kite seemed a little sad to be trapped here on the ground, a sentiment that Amanda could fully get behind.

Intruding? So the two of them weren't close friends, making Amanda feel a little better about interrupting whatever they were talking about. Cass seemed to be far more afraid than expected and Amanda was somewhat certain that had she been standing up, it would have just been her and Lili there alone now. But Cass was seated with a sketchbook and pencil in her lap, making it obvious what she had been here for. Art people . Amanda drew sometimes, but what she drew were semblances of caricatures of things. People who could actually draw well were a little like magic to her. Not that she would ever say that, but yeah, magic.

A distant sight took her interest for a second, the running figure was more than a little familiar to her. Georgia Lee was also in the park that day. Had she passed by earlier without her noticing? Georgia Lee was pretty cool. Sure, some people said that she was stuck up, but to Amanda, she was someone who actually managed to get things done. Anyone who could actually help her actually finish school projects were a big plus in her book. But, Georgia was running in the other direction, too far too call out. It was a real shame. She might have liked the kite. But Amanda wasn't about to miss the kite returning to its rightful place in the sky and could only watch as Georgia Lee made her way out of sight.

"Hmn? Yeah, Lily, right?" Amanda said, the mention of her own name bringing her back to the kite. "I'd love to see the kite up close. I did kiting a couple times, back in Singapore. It was pretty amazing, because it was up on this huge grass roof thing where you can see the entire city skyline from, and since it was right by the coast the wind was really nice." Okay, so that was a half lie. The Marina Barrage was really a great place for kites, but she had only been there for family picnics, and even then, that was just the once. Still, the hundreds of kites there testified its quality as a kiting location. Besides, it sounded way better that she knew a couple things about kiting, right?

"Oh, she's Cassandra," Amanda said, answering Lili without thinking.
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