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"Sounds like you," Mel said. "The slaughtering part, anyway."

She had not missed the blush that marked that Astrid had been talking about something she really cared about - more than arguing with others over the right way to do things, maybe even more than glaring. Mel filed it away in her tiny two-inch by two-inch mental folder that contained Astrid's softer moments, and then continued on with her needling.

"Astrid of Locksley," she mused, her grin reduced to a softly curving smirk. "Legend, folk hero... Without dashing, roguery, or tights. Like, to be honest though, I think you should at least keep the clothes on."

Even just thinking about her willful misinterpretation of Astrid's explanation was suddenly far too amusing. Stealing from the rich, keeping it, and doing it all while bare naked - that was an alternate history of Robin Hood she could subscribe to. It'd look great in the history books. In movies.

Mel Brooks' Men in Tights? Old-ish comedy movie, not for kids. Mel Beckett's Men Out of Tights? Definitely not appropriate for younger audiences.

"I mean- I'm sure Robin must have cut a... striking figure when he burst through the trees- hahaha!"

She tried hard to stifle the laughter - she really did - since they were in a library and all, but every time she tried to compose herself, she caught a glimpse of the mental image or Astrid's face and burst straight out in giggles again. She almost laughed herself off the chair before she could even stand up.

Tears in her eyes, she gave Astrid a wave and trotted herself out of the library before the librarian could round on her for the dual crimes of eating in the library and disturbing the peace.

((Melanie Beckett continued elsewhere))
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