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"Which car did yo-" his sentence was cut off as Rea suddenly started to constrict him. Despite how weak she was, that girl had a hell of a grip, and said grip meant that he was taking in incredibly shallow breaths. He felt hot tears on his neck, and carefully put his phone away before hugging her back.

He moved slightly to the side of the pavement, an awkward feat with Rea wrapped around him, but manageable nontheless, and he freed one of his hands to gently stroke her head. The hair which had looked so strange on her when he had first lain eyes on it gently shifting under his fingers.

"You... Sure that you're alright there? We can go back inside if you'd like, or home, whichever you like." Whilst it might seem like a bit of a sacrifice, the dance wasn't really his cup of tea. The theme was awkward, the music a mess of different decades and the punch mediocre at best. Personally, he would prefer to head home, but Rea came first.
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