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Johnny was briefly speechless.

What was wrong with his tattoo? He supposed it was infected, and it was swollen, and it was borderline unreadable - all in all quite a lot was wrong, actually - but it certainly wasn't gay. He hadn't really intended to get ink done, when he'd headed down to the park a few days ago to watch people play with the tattoo gun. As soon as he'd mentioned the possibility to Caleb, though, the idea had been impossible to get rid of, like a splinter under his skin.

He didn't want a cross or a Jesus fish though, no way was he gonna get that cliche crap on him forever, but getting something to do with God still really appealed. So it came to be that "yay for jesus" was scrawled across the back of his left shoulder. His hand went to it now, and he winced as his fingers brushed across the tender, raised skin.

What the fuck was gay about liking Jesus?

He didn't say anything, though. If Caedyn wanted to go to hell that was her business, and anything he might say on the matter would certainly not be listened to her in this state. Instead he finished his cigarette, stubbed it out on the dresser and mumbled to himself.

"...I can read..."

He noticed Caedyn's bra lying by the foot of the chair and tossed it to her, left-handed.

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