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Astrid looked at Mel out of the corner of her eye, and glowered. Depending on who you talked to, and how likely you were to listen to malicious rumours, Astrid’s glower never truly went away. It occasionally got interrupted or sidetracked, but it was always there, just waiting for something to set it off. According to legend, it was even the natural state of her face whilst she was sleeping, but finding that out was a privilege very few were given, thank you very much.

Maybe her previous statement of Mel had been incorrect? There were a couple of new ideas floating around in Astrid’s head now. Either the girl was an uncomplicated genius, or she actually was complex but a total moron. It wasn’t as if either option was preferable, because no matter what, it still left Astrid with a girl that aggravated the shit out of her, but not understanding how she worked kinda vexed her.

“No, it’s not for a report, I don’t think we’re going to be studying anything near that period for the rest of the year. Do you not pay attention in class?” Astrid finally tore her vision away from her books to look straight at Mel, glower still very much there. She already knew the answer to that, which was a resounding ‘No’. But the longer she stayed in Mel’s presence, the more her resolve to stay passive got sorely tested. It always happened. And whenever it did, Mel would always manage to get the upper hand in some way.

It was a horribly vicious cycle, and one of Astrid’s own creation, not that she’d ever realise that.

“I’ve always enjoyed medieval history. There’s always something new and different to find out about, it’s just such an alien lifestyle in comparison to how we live now. Yet at the same time, it’s also interesting to look at how similar certain things are, between now and then. The whole time period spans for so long, and across so many countries too; there’s an almost endless number of things to discover.”

Astrid’s cheeks took on a slight pink hue as she realised she’d been rambling more than a little. She shook her head, almost imperceptibly, before re-affixing her scowl and turning back to her books.

“So, yeah, that’s why I’m reading this. And if you’re really interested, yes, Robin Hood did exist, but no, he wasn’t everyone’s favourite dashing rogue leaping around in green clothes and tights. His ideology was more ‘steal from the rich, give to yourself, slaughter anyone who tries to argue with you,’ most likely.”


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