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Understanding washed over Johnny in a wave. The mixture of relief, of confusion and of amazement at the bizarreness of her behaviour was so potent it was all he could do not to burst out laughing. Caedyn wasn't drunk at all. Caedyn was just fucking crazy.

"Hey, I'm not the one bein' an asshole here, Caedyn. Y'know, I didn't choose to be me, yeah? You chose tofuck me, so which one of us is the fuckup? And made my year?"

Johnny spat onto the carpet.

"I hate to be the one to break it to ya sweetheart, but ya ain't exactly the ride of a century. I mean who the fuck do ya think you are? Like your fuckin, wigger', beanpole, overused ass is so fuckin' great. Like you're such a fuckin' superstar and I should be lucky just to kiss your goddamn boots or somethin', is that it?"

The cigarette sat forgotten between his fingers, ash climbing along its length. Johnny's other hand rubbed the back of his neck.

"I mean, take a look in the fucking. mirror. Like seriously, take a fuckin' look. I mean I'm a trailer trash piece of shit, yeah, and even I think you're pretty tough goin'."

He'd heard stories about Caedyn, of course. That she was psycho, that she was bitch. The hair was a clue that something was up, of course, but there wasn't a girl in school, he didn't think, who he hadn't heard someone call psycho at least once. In reality though... shit, she was something else. Psycho didn't cover the half of it, not even close.

"And how the fuck am I meant to take it, when you're callin' me a fag? I mean excuse me for thinkin' you were actually confused and not just like, being a fuckin' bitch for no reason. Jesus Christ Caedyn, I mean fuckin' really?"

The image of her hurling his clothes out the window swam into his head, and Johnny put one foot on his jeans, just in case. God, nothing could just be fun, could it? Everyone always had to obsess about what things meant, where things were going, how this would affect their GPA and what their psychic would have to say about that.

Christ, what a fucking nightmare this evening had turned into.

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