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Jennifer had begun roughly drawing the coyote’s pose. Nothing fancy, just a rough outline of what went where. The feet were placed on the ground, reaffirming that the coyote was in an aggressive stance. Its mouth was wide open, with its tongue and teeth on display. This was one fierce coyote. There was something majestic about it.

Her nose wrinkled a bit as an odd, fishy smell filled the air. She looked up, to see one of her classmates sitting down on the other side. She knew who he was. That was Bart Cappotelli, a boy from the Writing Club. He always had this bizarre odor that wafted through the air like a poisonous gas. She had no idea why. Maybe he didn’t shower that often. Maybe he needed to change his diet. Whatever it was, it was unusual. She wouldn’t bring it up in conversation, but only out of politeness. Other than that, he was a quiet type. Didn’t he like animation? That was one detail she could remember.

“Hello Bart,” she said, her eyes on his sketch book. “Same idea?”

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