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So many possibilities. Openings were the worst. The midgame was much more simple to follow since it had less options. But now? Al, who also had pressure due to Maxim awaiting a response, quickly made a next move.

And while Alessio and Maxim played chess, Julius arrived at home from his hunt. After having had eating some tasty meal, he returned to his territory: Al's room. He wanted more food. He jumped on Alessio's bed and meowed. Al quickly turned around to pet him, just to turn around again to continue playing.

Enough is enough. Julius wanted fooooood. He put all the force into his legs to jump on the desk of Alessio to alarm him that he needed fooood. That a water bottle fell to the ground was no big sacrifice. Fooood. Julius then began to cuddle with Al, but he rudely grabbed Julius to put him on the bed, removing the cat from the desk.

"Aaaahrgh, Julius! Not now, not now."

That's why Al was muted. But Julius did not care. He cared for food. But then he did not care about food, and cared about sleep instead. Aww, the blanket is so cuddly and it was so beautifully dark. Maybe he wasn't that hungry, maybe he needed sleep after the failure of a hunt he did. Julius had not caught a bird, Julius had not caught a mouse. So, Julius took a nap under the blanket.

After Al took his cat to the bed, he found a brilliant move. Maybe it was a good move to move the bishop there.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Everybody Wants To Be A Cat))
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