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Ok, he wasn’t having any insults shouted at him, so that was a good start. Meeting his two subjects in the middle of the distance between them, he took the time to properly evaluate his own work whilst they took in their photo moment.

How he’d seen it from afar had come out very nicely on his camera: lighting was good, the mood was there, and nobody had walked right in front of his shot. At a quick glance, it was a successful shot.

However, as he dug deeper, all the little flaws came out: some of the shadows in the shot fell awkwardly and made the whole thing look streaky, and whilst he couldn’t be certain, it looked like some girl in the distance had been looking at him, though at the same time it might’ve just been a coincidence. She was far off enough to the side that he could always crop her out, but Sandy still didn’t care for digitally altering his work.

He frowned a little, but not too much. It was still alright for the most part, and if nothing else at least Jordan seemed to like it. He wished he could like it too, but it was what it was.

Jazz, on the other hand, managed to press an entirely different issue. His new camera looked old? What?

“Uh, no, I did just get it out of the box yesterday, like I said.” He replied with more than a hint of irritation. “This is a Leica M9 you know; it’s a pretty high end camera.”

He was rather perplexed, and just a little bit threatened, by the very much unfounded statement regarding his spiffy new toy. Maybe she didn’t know anything about cameras, maybe not, but the thing that cost more than a used car most definitely wasn’t old, as far as he was concerned.
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