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Alessio gave Maxim the link in their Skype chat dialogue. He was glad that Maxim played with him. Alvaro was the only regular opponent for Al at the chess game. His father did not like the game, his mother did not understand it. And, well his cats couldn't play chess. So he wondered how Maxim would perform against him. Probably good. Maxim was a smart guy, smarter than Al. And Al was never really good at chess. Especially against Alvaro.

Al looked forward to see what his brain could do after that hard school day. Perhaps, he should have suggested a game that required less thinking.

Hm, Al had to start the game. White. Hm, what should he move? Which pawn? When playing in the café he sometimes tried more risky things, to confuse. But now, he should play properly and move the pawn in front of his king.
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