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And now they were back at the tables. Was it the same table as before? He looked around. It didn’t seem to be. They were more to the left of the hall from the perspective he was at, this one was a little closer to the center. It also seemed to have a little more food on it, although he could just be misremembering how much food was at the other table. He looked back at the crowd. Nobody was really looking at them, thankfully. He knew that that was an unlikely event to happen but he knew that he had bumped into a few people as they had both exited the crowd and he knew that there were people who would be bothered by that and considering how well the night was currently going he really didn’t want to get any more people annoyed at him.

He looked at Lily. She was pretty. He knew that he had already knew that and had probably mentioned that about at least a hundred times tonight but he honestly couldn’t help it. She was pretty, with her hair and her smile and her dress and he knew that he shouldn’t be as disappointed as he felt. The girl that he loved at least liked him enough to go to the dance with him, and even if they couldn’t dance and even if they were just going to be awkwardly silent for the rest of the night they could still probably be friends after. He hoped. Hopefully she didn’t resent him for what was happening and hopefully they could both forget this. Well, he doubted that he’d end up forgetting it but he wished he could.

Wait, hang on, the night wasn’t over yet. There was still a couple hours. Maybe he could at least break the silence a little?

Quick, think of a question…

“So… um… what do you think of the music?”

He looked away from her eyes for a second before they came back. Maybe now it could be easier to them to talk.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued in Cooking with Pooh))
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