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escaping the real world to face reality
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The Kingman night was warm and fuzzy and embracing and there were honks here and there and everything was kinda golden, bathed in the streetlights and all, and if Asuka stopped and closed her eyes and listened carefully and held her breath she could maybe barely, just barely, pretend she was in a real city.

Yeah. Big city. Small girl. See where your dreaming gets you when you use the night before your big paper's due to go to a fucking concert and I mean sure you can pull an all-nighter but seriously, Asuka, stop. Stop, turn around, walk home, and rethink your life.

Asuka had spent the past month lying in bed and rethinking her life and it had really been a profoundly dumb idea. If she hadn't been thinking so hard about how important it was for her to finish her project, the damn thing would've been done by now. So Asuka was gonna take a break from all that because ok look if she'd stayed home and tried to work, maybe-- she wasn't sure on this, buy maybe-- she'd actually dig up some willpower, and she'd look at the assignment, actually look at it for once, and then she'd keel over and that'll be that but hey maybe this avant-garde thing would give her the spark for her motivation to dance dance dance back into her life and they'll have a lovely tear-filled reunion party and everything will be all peachy and she'd write the damn paper and it'd be brilliant, it really would.

Yeah, nobody's buying it, but the economy's in the tank and this is the only hope vendor in town, kid.

Asuka opened her eyes.

Heh. Some city.

Trudged her way over to the door, went in, cuz hope's sold out everywhere but here and you gotta, man you gotta hope it's not sold out here too.

Asuka flipped her hood up. It's not like she was noticeable anyways, but it made her feel more comfortable. When you're this pathetic, best no be seen. Yeah, Asuka needs help and all that. She just really doesn't need anyone to tell her.
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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