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Of course. That was the only way people like Johnny got anywhere, really: with an armful of drugs or booze or tits, whatever the people on the other side of the door needed. She was glad she was above that sort of thing...though what maybe in this case that didn't say anything as flattering as she'd like. At least someone hanging around him to get wasted got something out of it, while she got...ugh, this was a pain in the ass to think about. It could be handled later, when he wasn't sizing her up for round two.

"It's not my place," she snorted as she pulled on her skirt. "Like, I don't throw parties this dead? I was just like, blowing up with Snaps to get down here. I guess they thought I could save this disaster, but it's pretty much unsalvagable." It'd be a good idea to figure out whose place this before she left, though. There could be some great gossip later, or if there wasn't she could make some up. Either way was fine. There was something else to take care of before she left too, now that she thought about it. It had been gnawing at her ever since she'd caught a glance of it while they were tumbling around, and she had no clue how to handle this kind of thing...delicately.

"So, like, it's none of my business," she started slowly, pausing to pull on her shirt before she started up again. "But...is your boyfriend, uh, cool with all this," she finished as she patted her shoulder roughly where she thought his tattoo was. "No judgement or whatever, I just wanna know if I need to look out for somebody or keep this on the DL?" Or how much trouble she could cause spreading it around. He didn't need to know about that part, though.
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