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Mia covered her mouth and giggled at Nathan’s reaction, which was absolutely what she’d been hoping for. Her plan had worked to a tee, because Nathan had very clearly not been expecting it. Any veneer of ‘smoothness’ he might have had before the date had long gone, but Mia didn’t care at all about that. He was definitely on the right side of dorky and easily flustered to be cute.

His hands also didn’t burst into flames when he tried to take a fry from the plate again, so Mia figured they were now at that prime point of still being hot and tasty, but not to the point where she’d be prone to burn the inside of her mouth. She reached over, meaning to just grab one, but picking up another two that had been caught in the crossfire. Oh well. As stated; it was obvious that all essence of ‘smoothness’ had gone straight out the window by now.

Plus, it had been literally eons since she’d last had fries. There wasn’t room for them in her fairly strict diet, and whenever she did allow herself a treat of some sort, she never instinctively decided to go for fries as her cheat of choice. You always kinda overlooked them until you were actually having them, and then they were a godsend.

Midway between two of the fries, Nathan decided to ask one hell of a question, and she paused mid-chew, trying to digest both fry and query. She made a ‘hmmmmm’ noise, still with half a fry poking from her mouth, but despite how hard she thought, she couldn’t come up with a concrete answer before she’d finished off her handful of fries.

“Jesus, wow, um, you realise you’re asking me to choose my favourite kid, right? Damn.”

Mia grinned again to show she wasn’t being totally serious, running her fingers through her hair as she tried to think.

“You’re right though, BMX is a super competitive and really tough sport. I’ve seen plenty of people take their first fall and they just can’t handle it. You really gotta be into it to carry on with it.”

Mia’s smile broadened.

“Luckily, I am either super into it, or a complete masochist. 50-50, really! Even so, I think if I did have to pick a favourite sport, it’d probably be swimming, honestly! It means a lot to me, I just feel so free and happy whenever I’m in the water. I could literally stay in there for hours! Plus, if I do end up going to a sports college, then it’s probably the sport I’d be looking to do…”

Mia gave a little involuntary sigh, unable to catch it before it escaped from her mouth, and her heart jolted a little, as she hoped that Nathan hadn’t caught it. It was the ‘if’ in that statement that had brought up all the uncomfortable thoughts and realisations again, that she might not end up doing what she loved for a living, that she might have pursued this path for all of her childhood and teenager-dom, only to have to give it all up very soon.

In short, not exactly first date discussion material.


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