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Will smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. Sure, it didn't offer as much... Stability as an arm around the shoulder, but arms around the shoulders were for friends in his opinion. Any lower, and he'd be straying into pervert territory (despite her being his girlfriend, social rules were weird like that,) but the waist was perfect.

He felt her shiver as they stepped out into the cold. One thing he'd noted with Kingsman, especially in the cooler parts of the years, was that the nights would be freezing cold. Combined with the light breeze and even he was feeling a little of the chill under the suit.

They walked past various parked cars, from little two-door hatchbacks and battered old fords to his uncle's Series 3 Dodge Challenger and... Was that an Impala? Who took an Impala to a school dance? I mean, it was a little hypocritical since he had driven a muscle car, but there you go.

It was as he was walking that he realised how dark it was out here. There were a few flashes of lights mostly from the occasional car headlight and such, but on the whole it was very dark. Concernedly, he turned to Rea. "You alright? With your... You know." He knew she didn't like talking about it in public. Thought she'd be bullied about it, which was understandable really. People could be dicks like that.
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