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"I didn't mean to stare, sorry. Just not, uh, something you see every day, yeah?"

While Lili was likely not the only one out flying kites today, she could understand what the girl with the sketchpad meant by her comment. Deep down, Lili was proud of her kite's majestic design, its flowing colors, and the stylish way it cut through the air. Even though she tried her best not to show it, Lili couldn't help but genuinely smile a little at this little comment. "It's alright, really," Lili said, "If you want, I can bring it over so you can have a closer look, okay?"

However, as Lili turned around to face her kite, she saw that yet another girl was approaching her. Lili was loosely aware of Amanda's name, simply through the fact that there were not many other Chinese students at Cochise, but apart from that, the two had never so much as spoken to each other. Even when Lili tried to remember a time the two of them had a conversation that may have qualified as small talk, a conversation about the weather or a current event, even just in passing, she drew a blank. Yet here she was, walking straight towards the two of them. In her mind, Lili quickly made the distinction between her interactions with Sketchpad Girl and Amanda.

Lili had chosen to go over to talk to the Sketchpad Girl. It was her own decision, and one she was comfortable with. Amanda was approaching them of her own volition. Even though Amanda's expression seemed to be one of curiosity, Lili couldn't be sure of her motives. And, of course, Georgia Lee just happened to be in the area. Glancing back over once more, Lili saw that she was still resting in the shade, not making any kind of effort to walk over or see what was going on, which Lili was somewhat thankful for. "Three's a crowd, after all," Lili thought.

"Hi guys," Amanda said as she approached, "That's a pretty sweet kite you have there." Deep down, Lili wasn't all too surprised that the kite had drawn so much attention, but she was beginning to wonder if flying it today was a good idea after all. Still, Amanda had approached out of admiration, not hostility, and that much was something Lili was more comfortable with. Lili knew that the two girls were in the same grade, and possibly knew each other more than she knew either of them. Still, Lili didn't get a hostile feeling from either of them, so she decided to go with the flow.

"Yeah," Sketchpad Girl said shyly, "It's her kite, by the way, I'm just... intruding. Sorry."

"Hi, Amanda," Lili said, standing up once again, "I was actually just about to bring it over so she could have a closer look." She gestured towards the girl with the sketchpad, still sitting in the grass, now looking up at the two of them. Slowly, Lili realized as she tried to identify the girl with the sketchpad that she didn't have any kind of real name to associate with her face. The two were, for the most part, entirely unfamiliar with each other, and it would be awkward to call her 'Sketchpad Girl' every time that they happened to talk. Lili decided it would be best to ask for her name, just in case the two ever met in the future.

"By the way," Lili added, looking back at the girl sitting in the grass, "I never got your name, did I? I'm Lili, by the way. Nice to meet you."
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