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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"I think I'll actually miss it a little. The view's always been something else, out here."

They'd gone east into the desert, off the main road and beyond a hill away from Kingman's blazing lights, almost specifically for this view. The Challenger wasn't strictly designed for desert paths but it had done the job just fine and when she kicked him out so she'd have room to put some clothes back on he'd gotten decent and had a seat on the bonnet to enjoy the chill of nighttime desert air. A nice change from baking in the midday sun, especially when his torso was bare other than the letterman jacket hanging off his shoulders, his shirt left in the Challenger. The windows were still fogged up, but he'd left the car running and the A/C on low for once they were driving again, hoping it'd clear the windows and do something about the smell of sweat and passion.

It was worth it, though, both what they'd just been doing and seeing Nadia as happy and excited as she'd been over the past few days. She was like him in that she often walked around almost as if the city of Kingman were throttling the life out of her every second she spent in it; the light in her voice over the phone as she gave him the news almost made her sound like a different person entirely from the Nadia he knew. It showed on her face and in the afterglow, rivalling the moon that shone down on them. Though she might laugh in his face if she heard him thinking that. Oh well.

The Mojave at night really was something, almost enough to make living out here worth it, all the stars in all their glory stretching out before them with hardly anything clouding them. You couldn't see most of these over in Los Angeles, whatever else it had to offer. Was the sky why people chose to stay here, those who could afford to get away? There was something to be said for peace, even if staying here couldn't satisfy the roaring ambitions in his heart.

Idly, he patted a space next to him on the bonnet with his hand, inviting her to take a seat if she wanted, once she was done taking as many shots as she liked. Far be it from him to get between Nadia and her photography, any more than he'd appreciate her jumping onto the mat during one of his practises.
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