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Junko had... Forgotten her? That was kinda shitty. I mean, she was practically the poster girl for the whole 'work hard, play hard,' aspect of Cochise, and she'd been entirely forgotten to an actual party? By Junko? I mean, sure they weren't massive friends, no big hugs and cheek kisses, but the two knew each other fairly well, and chatted quite often. Plus, again, she was the goddamn party girl of Cochise. Junko really did have a shit memory apparently.

There was a splashing sound and she looked up, only to see that Darius had just taken a can of beer all over his nice, clean face. And clothes, and just about everything he had on him. She wondered what had triggered Raina to chuck it. Maybe Darius had made a move or something? Seemed likely. Raina was relatively sensible, not the kinda chick to just start flinging booze around like that.

Talking of booze... She had finished her third can of beer. She tipped the can all the way round, even going so far as to pop a hole in the side with her penknife to get the last drops. Alcoholic she wasn't, but you didn't waste beer. Even if it was kinda shit and was dangerously tiptoeing the line on 'piss.' Still, she'd need a lot more to get drunk. More than just beer as well. She had the pills, although...

Well that solved a lot of problems didn't it? Junko turning down that spliff just made it all the more easy for her to pop that 'I'm not gonna remember this in the morning' grin and indicate for Johnny to pass the roll-up. "Hey, buddy, I got something a lil' stronger for when the party heats up, but for now, mind if I can have a toke?"

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