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"Yeah sure, I'll take a look too," Jordan replied. Jazz could have the first look. Not because he was chivalrous or anything like that, even if he did think of himself as having good manners, but simply because she was already tromping straight up towards Sandy. There was no way Jordan would have the energy to compete with that. He followed after her gingerly, peering over her shoulder to look over at the small image that Sandy was holding out towards them.

"That's... actually pretty nice," Jordan said. He could already see why Sandy had taken that shot. It was a quiet, serene shot that really fit the atmosphere of that spring day. There were probably other subtler things that he was missing, not knowing much about photography himself, but a good photo looked good for a reason and he didn't need to know much more than that. Honestly, now that the initial surprise of Sandy taking the photo had worn down, Jordan decided that he would have quite liked that photo if not for his own nervous face on the screen.

Yeah, there was no point being mad at Sandy for taking the photo anyway. It wasn't as if Jordan himself wasn't occasionally prone with using creative licence with the personalities of people he knew anyway. It did come off as a little creepy, even to himself, but the end result was (probably) people who sounded a little more like real people.

Not that it would making staring at his own face any better though. Jordan looked between Sandy and Jazz, standing there somewhat awkwardly, wondering exactly how much longer they were going to spend looking at that picture.
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