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((Bart Cappotelli continued from 4649お願いします!))

For some reason, Bart didn't really know what to do on this particular afternoon. He didn't really feel like watching any of his cartoons, and he didn't feel up to listening to any of his music either, not even Big Pun. He had been doing the same things pretty much every day for weeks, and he felt like he needed a change, even if it was just for one day. He wanted to do something that he didn't normally do.

That was how he got the idea to go to the Kingman Museum of Art and History. It had been around six months since his last visit, so it was far enough outside of his usual routine to be of interest. Plus, he wanted to know how much, if at all, the museum had changed in the past half-year. He made sure to bring a sketchbook and paper, just in case he saw something cool that he wanted to draw.

Bart walked around the lobby, looking at the sculptures on display. He found most of them to be pretty interesting, but his favorite was the coyote. It looked so fierce, yet so noble. If there was only one sculpture in his lobby that he could truly appreciate, this was it.

The sculpture gave Bat an idea. Since he had his sketchbook, he could draw it, or at least something inspired by it. He had been having trouble coming up with ideas lately, so maybe this was the sort of opportunity he needed in order to get his train of thought back on track.

Bart walked over to a nearby bench, muttering a brief "Excuse me..." to the girl sitting on the other side before sitting down. He turned his sketchbook to an open page and tapped his pencil on the paper while looking at the steel coyote. He had a subject, now he just needed an idea to come to him.
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