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If Lili had noticed, she wasn't saying anything. Cass was glad to avoid a confrontation in either case, but they hoped that she had ultimately remained ignorant. Nothing good could have sprung from that situation, whether the downturn took the form of raised voices in the middle of the park, a conspicuous display drawing the attention of all nearby; or a quieter, more subtle seething to be fed later, in private. The possibility of Lili being at all flattered never even crossed Cass's mind. "I didn't mean to stare, sorry. Just not, uh, something you see every day, yeah?"

Cass was about to cut their losses and make their excuses and flee home when a third person walked up to them, and their chance conversation all too suddenly turned into a impromptu gathering. They knew Amanda better than Lili just by virtue of being in the same year, but the two had still never been especially close, and Cass was sure that they never made much of an impression on anyone other than their friends, anyway.

"Yeah. It's her kite, by the way, I'm just... intruding. Sorry." Cass said.
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