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The House of Sound was, for all intents and purposes, a temple. Having been closed down several years prior, it had only reopened just recently as one of the only music venues in Kingman. During its first run of business, the small, somewhat rundown building was host to a bar and dance club space, operating as most nightclubs do. However, an infestation of roaches in the walls coupled with property disputes and noise complaints, as well as several police investigations inquiring into drug distribution at the House, led to its end in 2003. For years the building withered away, subject to graffiti artists and squatters, until it was just a shadow of its former self. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, several musicians and nostalgic club-goers from Kingman and its neighboring towns came together, pooled their money, and bought the property, launching a successful remodeling operation and re-opening the House of Sound on the tenth anniversary of its closure in 2013 as a music-oriented venue.

Lili Williams was a few months into her Freshman year when she heard that one of the many bands she listened to would be performing at the House of Sound. Though Six Things to a Cycle was far from the top of the list of bands Lili wanted to see, she was more than excited to see them in town. Plus, it would be Lili's first real concert, and even Lili knew that to pass up such an opportunity would be foolish. After some time asking her mother for money to buy a ticket and convincing her that she would be fine walking into the middle of the city late at night, Lili finally managed to buy a ticket to the show.

The walk to the House was uneventful, save for a chance encounter with a raccoon on her street. As she rounded the corner and saw the light of the venue's sign hanging above its theater style doors, Lili's heart began to beat faster and faster. "This is it," Lili thought to herself as she fumbled with her ticket in her sweater pocket, "They're just behind those double doors. Who knows? Maybe, tonight, my life will really start." Climbing the stairs into the venue and presenting her ticket to the ticket-collector, Lili felt shivers of anticipation run up and down her spine. Every step she took on her way to the concert hall filled her with excitement.

Lili noticed several things about the concert hall as she stepped inside. For one, the space was bigger than she thought, and the size of the room only served to heighten her gleeful state. The floor was solid hardwood, and the walls, though painted to look dark and to avoid reflecting excess light, were clearly made of similar material. The stage itself was already set up for the band to walk on stage and start playing, their instruments on stands, waiting to be picked up and played. Projectors were set up in the back of the room, perched on the wall and pointed in the middle of the stage, just over where the heads of the band members would be. Another observation she made was the absence of chairs, even though her ticket told her that she was seated three rows from the front. "I don't mind standing, not at all," Lili thought, "If anything, I get to be closer to the band."

Only fifteen or so people had assembled in the room. A few were talking to each other, but most were either looking at the stage, their phones, or staring off into space. Lili walked up to the small barrier in-between the hall floor and the stage, placing herself right in the middle. For the time being, Lili spent her time gawking at the instruments on stage and eagerly waiting for the band to arrive. Lili saw nobody she knew in the assembled crowd, which didn't surprise her, but at the same time she wished she had somebody to share the concert with. It wasn't often that Lili wanted to be social, especially not with the music she listened to, but just this once she wished she had somebody to speak to.

Outside, the birds flew from tree to tree in the moonlight, frightened by the sound of cars driving through the streets.
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