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It had been a while since Jennifer had been to the Kingman Museum of Art and History. But, she heard they had some new things on display since the last time she visited. She had the time, some extra money, and the desire to. Also, she felt like going out on a Saturday afternoon, and the museum seemed like a nice choice. It wasn’t the most expansive museum out there, but it was a good one. A while back, some of the Seniors’ art projects were on display here, including some of hers. It was a nice experience, to see some of her photography as part of an exhibition. Overall, Jennifer liked being able to visit the museum. It was only today that she was able to see what new things were available.

She’d brought a sketchpad. That way, if she needed to sketch something, she could do so. No camera, though. The museum didn’t allow it. Too many people used flash on objects that could be hundreds of years old. Plus, it brought up odd legal issues.

The lobby hadn’t changed much from the last time she’d been here. The floor was still a shiny brown, and the stairs were still parallel to the entrance. There were some of the same steel sculptures decorating it. One of them was of a coyote, its teeth bared. She leaned forward to get a closer look. Jennifer couldn’t help but admire how lifelike it was, even now.

Despite it being the weekend, it wasn’t that crowded. She guessed that people didn’t want to spend the afternoon at this particular museum. Maybe they wanted to do other things. Who knew? It was quiet, though, which was nice.

Jennifer sat down on one of the benches placed nearby, and pulled out her sketchbook from her black tote. She usually preferred painting or photography. However, sketching was nice as a first draft. It helped you get an idea of how things worked. Plus, the museum encouraged it, just with a few rules. She’d never sketched the coyote, though. Maybe it’d be good practice, or an inspiration for her.

Jennifer lifted her thumb to use as a measure. She could try this.

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