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“Correction: Darius succeeded at hugging Raina. He also succeeded at getting a beer thrown in his face.”

Junko had lifted her skewer away from the fire. Her hot dog was starting to get a little crispy, though it didn’t get burnt like Raina’s did. Fortunately, or unfortunately? Well, she’d still eat it anyways. Again, some burnt food tasted better.

Though… damn it. She knew she forgot something. Junko didn’t play the guitar. She just didn’t have attention span to learn how to play. Sarah did, though. It wasn’t like she could just drag her over here, though. Sarah had a life of her own, and she didn’t want her or Koharu to find out there were people getting drunk and creeping on girls. Sure, she didn’t mind all sorts of things, but she wanted them to think of it as a… relatively tame party. Junko got up to all sorts of shit, yeah, but there was still something kind of sad about them finding out about it. Maybe it’s because parents knowing about what you do is different from classmates. Guitar would have been nice, though. Maybe someone could’ve provided a background score to Darius’ impromptu musical numbers. Maybe.

Junko pictured it for a second, and let out a chuckle at the mental image.

Also, who reads at a party? You’d think that Johnny would be the last person, too. Was it really that boring, even with drunk Darius aro-



Had to admit it: that was actually a pretty smart way to hide weed. It was like something out of a spy novel, swear to god. Spy novels featuring stoners, actually. She would read it, because that would be the best thing ever. Was there something like that? If not, she might write it. She didn’t have much writing ability, but it did seem like something people would pick up. Even if it was just for the novelty.

Junko found herself staring at he prepared a spliff. She still wasn’t sure about getting high, since, you know, she was the host, no matter what Darius said. It might be good to stay sober. But, Junko wasn’t too incapable when high, at least from personal experience. She did bring her own, too, just in case.

“Maybe not right now,” she said in response to Johnny’s offer. “Might be a good idea to stay sober for the time being. Just in case like… I dunno, someone jumps into the fire or something?”

She smiled, though.

“Maybe later.”

Come to think of it, an after-party toke would be nice. Clean up everything, take care of anything that might have come up, and then just end the evening with some weed. That would the ideal way to finish this, actually. Hopefully nothing would come up to change that.

A loud clicking noise had heralded someone else’s presence. And that someone was Beaks, standing some feet away. Junko had remembered that he said he wanted to drop by, but he had to go to the dance first. He had a date, after all. Though, she didn’t see anyone with him, so maybe they decided not to go with him? Perhaps. Though, was she flirting with someone? Maria was angry, and… maybe sharing weed could be flirty. Depends on the context. Like, did your lips both touch it? Okay, yeah, that would be flirty.

“Hey,” she said, lifting a free hand in greeting. “You made it. Everything all right? You know, at the dance.”

Junko didn’t really care about the dance. If she did, this party wouldn’t exist. But she couldn’t help but ask. It probably wouldn’t be too different from any other school dances she’d been to. Just with some weird, outdated gimmick with an iffy backstory.

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