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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"Vogue, huh?"

A big goal, but then, so was being state champion, or going off to wrestle in the Olympics one day. So many people here had no goal at all, big or small. They were content to just... be. Didn't they understand how limited their time was? Didn't they see there was a whole world beyond the desert? Hell, drive ninety minutes northwest and you hit Las Vegas of all places. A couple hours longer than that and you're in LA. They were so close to the bigger world and yet most here seemed to just accept Kingman. Accept a future of meth and trailer parks and bad teeth and possibly banging their cousins and certainly nobody ever knowing their names. Even some of his team seemed to settle into the idea of their life being baking in the desert heat and never really amounting to anything.

The very thought made his skin crawl. That wasn't a life. He'd sooner drop a neutron bomb on this place than grow old here, and so talking to someone with some kind of actual aspiration? More refreshing than the A/C which was finally starting to do its job on his overheated skin. And she didn't work for the Miner at all, so his silent prayer had gone answered. Clarice would probably like this girl, what with her wanting to direct movies and all.

"How's all that working out for you?"

She certainly looked like she could be a model.
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