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"Yeah, it was fun," Alessio said, while being unmuted. Al nervously waited for Maxim to say something, reply to Al or to stop the call, but after some seconds, Al decided to quit the call himself. Done with talking, done with being nervous, done with feeling watched. Al looked back at Julius just to see that he disappeared.

Alessio stood up to first drink a sip from the water bottle and then looked under his bed to look for Julius. Yeah, the cute cat was hiding under the bed, in the dark.

Hello Julius, my old friend. I've come to cuddle with you again. Al had no clue why he hummed that, maybe because Al thought of darkness. Al felt free, being able to hum freely without feeling awkward. He could not imagine humming while Maxim listened. That would be weird.

While Al hummed, while scratching Julius, he was reminded how great Simon and Garfunkel were. Al should practise guitar more often. So, before Julius suddenly bit him again, he tried learning to learn how to play The Boxer on the guitar via a YouTube tutorial.
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