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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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Well, that was a little blunt, but he couldn't resist not answering honestly when someone actually seemed interested in what he thought.

"I like parties, not being gawked at like an exhibit."

Yes, winning a championship was impressive. Anyone could have done it if they'd put in the work, but they hadn't, he had. How many days had he been killing himself on the practise mats while some deep-buried part of him wished he could just laze around in front of a video game, Netflix or the internet like most of those punks did? How many appointments, dates and hangouts had he had to reschedule or outright skip because there was a match, tournament or extra practise? Did they think he ran to school every morning instead of taking the bus for the hell of it?

Work. That was a four letter word here, and not just in the literal sense. Be impressed, respect the accomplishment, sure, but don't treat him like some wrestling machine sent from on high. Mystery girl seemed to get it at least.

"What about you? You don't seem too impressed by this little gathering."
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18:48 Ruggawork I have faith in you!
18:48 Ruggawork and your ass!

16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Iktor?
16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Toben.
16:35 Kilmarnock hard to tell until they make out with me.
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