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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia looked up from her phone when she saw another guy enter the room. She immediately recognized him as Rod Kanuho. How could she not recognize him? He was almost everywhere in the last few weeks. The Champion. It was in the papers, and it was announced all over school. He won some wrestling thing and had suddenly ascended to godhood. Nadia didn't particularly care. She didn't really feel athletes were worth gushing over, especially at the high school level, and wrestling was something that just didn't excite her. Granted, she had thought about how interesting the wrestler's physique was as a photography subject in case she decided to have a Mapplethorpe phase in her career, but that was about it.

Nadia looked up and saw Rod lean against the wall opposite her and exhale. Just from his posture she could tell her was getting drained from being out there. She could relate, so she thought it would be good to break the ice.

"Is it hot out there? You know, in the pits of Hell?"
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